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Options and Extras

Options available for Animal Housing

Canadian Cedar Shingles
Canadian Cedar Wood Roof Shingles
The roof is insulated with 19mm timber and covered with a waterproof membrane to which the Cedar tiles are applied, making it 100% watertight. The oils in the Cedar wood also act as a deterrant against insects and red mites. The tiles should last approximately 25- 35 years.
Poultry house roog garden
Roof Garden (sedum matting)
The matting consits of drought tolerant plants (very low maintenance) long flowering season, no need for pruning or deadheading, just feed once a year, for a fabulous floral display, nectar rich flowers that are attractive to butterflies and bees.
This roof also acts as a great natural insulator.

Painting Staining poultry housing Painted Animal - Poultry Housing
We use 2 coats of the 'Jotum Demi-Dekk' outdoor range of paints. This is probably the best paint available, guaranteed for 13 years against flaking or peeling and we can match any colour of your choice.
chicken and poultry wheel and handle options chicken and poultry wheel and handle options Wheels and Handles
For greater convenience, hand made black solid steel wheels and handles can be added to our range of animal houses to enable easier movement.

Stained poultry housing Stained Animal - Poultry Housing
We use 2 coats of the Sadolin range which is guaranteed against flacking or blistering for 5 years although in our experience, it will last much longer (10-15 years)
Fox proof fencing for poultry Electric Fence Kits
Supplied in 25m or 50m lengths. Our protective fences run on mains or battery to keep hens/poultry safe from foxes, dogs etc. Easily moved and stored, the kit comes complete with everything you need except the batteries. We will install fencing if purchased with any of our houses.

hen house automatic door opener Automatic Door Opener
This is the ultimate convenience gadget, it will open and close at any time you want - just programme the timmer to the open & close times you require, or set to dawn to dusk. The timmer can be fitted to all our houses.
droppings tray for poultry housing Galvanised Metal Droppings Tray
No smelly wooden boards to scrape and clean. Our poultry house metal droppings trays all come with a 1"(25mm) lip to keep straw or shaving in the tray. Trays can easily be removed and washed down. Use of metal dropping tray reduces the risk of mites & other parasites.

Red Mite Treatment
Feathers Animal Housing have developed a system which has been tried and tested in our hen houses for over 4 years, with fantastic results. All the joints, noocks and crannies inside the house are sealed with an animal safe compound and then painted over with a hard wearing floor paint. Drain holes are made in the floor so that the inside can be hosed down. Although this treatment of our poultry houses is not a guarantee that you will never get mite or other parasite, by reducing the places that mites can hide and bread within the house, we are reducing the chances of infestation and increasing the ability to treat any problems that do occur. Prices start at £210/house depending on the model and size.

Raised chicken house - Leg extensions Leg Extensions - 8" (200mm)
The Norfolk range comes standard with 6"(150mm) legs. Adding leg extensions will give your birds additional shelter and shade. Total leg extension height 14" (350mm).

Feeders and Drinkers
We stock a wide range of drinkers, feeders plus a range of Red Mite and parasite treatments, poultry supplements etc. Prices available on request.

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